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New Year, New Services

Elektrica has offered chauffeured transportation wth our Austin Black Car Service for over two years now and we are extremely excited with what lies ahead in 2019.  As a part of the Elektrica brand, we will soon be including Electric Car Sales and Electric Car Rentals in addition to our Tesla Black Car Service.  We are passionate about electric vehicles and are eager to offer these two new services in hopes of becoming your one stop shop for all things electric vehicles. Think you can’t afford a Tesla?  Think again.  Many Teslas are hitting the secondary, used car market.  Often the issue is being able to find the right deal.  Soon you will be able to call us up and tell us what your budget is and what make and model Tesla you are looking for. We will then comb through vast databases and leverage our network to find you the perfect match. Contemplating the purchase of a new or used Tesla?  Rent one from us for a few days and get to know what it’s like. We’re pretty sure you’ll love the Tesla experience. Of course we are not tied down to only offering Teslas. As more and more automakers offer up fully electric models, we will be keen on getting our hands on them so you can get in the seat and try them out for yourself.  At this time however, Tesla offers the most models, has a vast supercharger network, allowing you to drive anywhere in the country and has a robust service program. So for now, we will specialize in Teslas.  Stay tuned for the unveiling of Elektrica Sales and Elektrica Rentals in the coming months.  In the meantime, be sure to experience Chauffeured Transportation in a Tesla with our Austin Black Car Service.

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