The Wonderful Tesla Model 3

A Surprisingly Great Car
Austin Tesla Rentals

Austin Tesla Rentals

Elektrica had been in business for about a year and a half with our Austin Tesla Black Car Service when I placed an order for a Model 3.  The Model 3 was to be used to start our Austin Tesla Rentals business.  I remember being excited but not in the way I was when placing the order for our first Model X.  I believed the Model 3 would be a good car but I did not think it would be better than a Model S especially since it was being billed as a scaled down Model S with less tech.  Fast forward nearly 9 months now and to this day every time I drive the Model 3, I say to myself, “This is my favorite Tesla”, though if I’m honest, each Model is my favorite Tesla when I’m driving it!  The Model 3 however, has really surprised me as well as each and every person who has rented it through our Austin Tesla Rentals business. My first impression was to notice how sporty it was with a surprising amount of acceleration.  The drivetrain is much quieter and smoother than the Model X and S and it handles like a dream.  The speedometer being moved to the center screen was strange but ultimately very easy to get use to.  The front seats seem to sink down into the floor board and provide a more comfortable driving position than the Model S.  Elektrica’s CEO, Jed who is 6 foot 6 inches tall commented that he actually has more room in a Model 3 than in a Model S.  This is because his right leg gets pinned between the side of the screen and steering wheel in the Model S whereas in the Model 3, his leg is free to move around because the screen is in the landscape position in the Model 3 as opposed to the portrait position in the Model S.  Elon Musk said that The Tesla team put their hearts into this car and it shows.  The Model 3 is Just so much fun to drive not to mentioned recently rated the safest car on the road.  If you’re curious about the Model 3, rent a Model 3 in Austin Texas with Elektrica and see for yourself.

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