What’s It Like To Drive a Tesla?

Because of the many miles our chauffeurs have driven for our Austin Chauffeur Car Service, they know first hand what it’s like to live with a Tesla.  Most people, however can not truly appreciate what owning an electric vehicle is like let alone a Tesla.  Tesla’s are unlike any other electric vehicle on the market....
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New Year, New Services

Elektrica has offered chauffeured transportation wth our Austin Black Car Service for over two years now and we are extremely excited with what lies ahead in 2019.  As a part of the Elektrica brand, we will soon be including Electric Car Sales and Electric Car Rentals in addition to our Tesla Black Car Service.  We...
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Austin Tesla Limo Service

One of the barriers to entry with Tesla’s being used in a Tesla Limo Service is how to keep them charged up.  With all the miles that are put on them each day, finding convenient, fast charging options can be very challenging.  So almost two years ago now, we contacted ChargePoint to get pricing on...
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