Austin Tesla Chauffeur

Meet The Drivers

Austin Chauffeur Service

Our drivers are what really sets us apart.  Many of our customers have one or two drivers that they have gotten to know and trust for their transportation with Elektrica.  This is why Cultivating long term relationships with our drivers is so important to us.  We want to create an atmosphere of stability, trust and familiarity that comes with having a close-nit team long term.  Our drivers are licensed with the city of Austin and trained in-house.  They often come to us from a professional driving / customer service background which is further enhanced by the standards set at Elektrica.  Our Austin Chauffeur Service team has lead the industry in Austin by helping Elektrica recieve more 5 star reviews than any other Black Car Service in Austin.  This is an incredible feat that we are extremely proud of and hope that the customer can use as a vote of confidence when choosing to use our Austin Chauffeur Service.

As the newest addition to the company, Elektrica would like to welcome Kristian Lazarov to our Austin Chauffeur Service team.  Kristian brings with him a professional driving background rooting in execptional customer service.  We look forward to working with him in the coming weeks and months.

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