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Safe transportation in a Tesla

Austin Chauffeured Transportation

When it comes to auto safety, nothing compares to a Tesla.  From the chassis design to the sensor suite, the combined systems result in vehicles that have achieved the highest safety ratings ever by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, ever.  Safety is a top priority for Elektrica’s Austin Chauffeured Transportation service.  Having the safest cars in a our fleet being driven by licensed chauffeurs, we feel represents the pinnacle of safety.  Many people choose ride-sharing as a primary form of transportation but have many stopped to consider the potential consequences?  When you hail a ride from a ride-share company, do you know what you are getting?  If you break it down, what you are getting is a non-licensed, person in their non-permitted, non regulated vehicle.  This person may have had a background check but they are not professional drivers.  Often they are individuals who drive part time to earn extra money.  While this is inherently not bad or wrong, it may not represent the safest option for transportation.  When someone is licensed as a chauffeur with the city of Austin, it’s because they are dedicating time effort and energy to become validated as a professional driver.  Furthermore, licensed chauffeurs have to renew their license which means that they cannot have any major traffic or safety violations or else they loose their license or are unable to renew.  There have been many documented ride-share horror stories.  If you have to have your child transported without you present, would you choose a complete stranger who is not licensed as a professional driver to transport him or her?  We have customers who do in fact use our Austin Chauffeured Transportation Service to do just that.  We feel that because of the relationship that our driver has built with the customer along with the safest vehicle and the distinction that comes with a chauffeurs permit, our customer trusts us day in and day out to transport their children to and from school and for that trust, we are honored.

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